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For Sale:  Baby Girl clothes mostly sz 12-18m

prices on the pictures.

Hello. These are all items I need to get rid of. Lots of pictures and details. Prices are just an idea... seriously, I'm nice. Thanks! :)

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I am new to livejournal and decided to set up a selling journal for my children's used(and a lot new) clothing, as well as misc. movies, books, and toys. You are welcome to browse through and see if anything catches your eye. If so, please comment, or e-mail me!

~*Journal here*~
Halloween-Themed Stuff For Sale ~ Most of it starts at $1

+ goosebump books
+ spongebob, scooby doo + spiderman books
+ spooky kids tees
+ new/sealed HORROR DVDs

just click the kitty :)

(if you're not a member of gothauctions it's free to join and use, otherwise comment here if you're interested in anything and i'll pull the auction upon payment)

£20 inc p&p
Just listed a load of boys clothes in excellent condition on ebay. Sizes from 3-12 months. I will hopefully be adding more in the next few days if I get the time. All items from a pet and smoke free home

I'm after some girl or unisex shoes/trainers in size 7.5 or 8 in G or H width!

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Hi everyone. The response to my selling journal has been great. Everything under the cut is still available. I've already had a few flakers and I really just want fast, smooth transactions. I have way too much stuff and I need it gone. I've added prices on the items just so you have an idea as to what I'm looking for in terms of cash if a trade isn't an option. Email me: Oyemichi@aol.com if you're interested in anything. I'm nice, honest, and I ship quickly. The prices include shipping within the U.S. If you want more than one item, don't be afraid to haggle/negotiate with me. I really just want to get rid of all this because I don't like clutter. Thank you and take care!!